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Using a Steel Building as a Brewery, Winery or Distillery.

  • February 2, 2024

Many people have the misconception that a pre-engineered steel building is nothing more than a box for storage of RVs, cars and other heavy equipment. Pre-engineered steel is becoming a much more popular option for breweries, wineries and even distilleries for many reasons.

Open Spans

One of the main draws with a pre-engineered steel building as a brewery is the room that you will have inside of the building to set up your equipment in a way that will be successful in the long-term. As we all know, the space requirements for brewing and distilling are very large. A pre-engineered metal building can span 100′ with no interior columns. This can allow for you to not overcrowd your brewing area, reducing stress and clutter, while increasing your product output and revenue.


Building with pre-engineered steel is one of the most cost effective ways to build a structure for your facility. When you build with more traditional methods, like wood, the costs can add up quite quickly, especially when you factor in weather-proofing your facility to handle the ever interior conditions of a brewery, winery or distillery.


With a pre-engineered steel building, you wont have to worry about rot and mold, and generally, rusting is not an issue when the building is manufactured and put together correctly. As mentioned above, this is a huge draw when you are putting together a facility that will house “wet” manufacturing equipment and requires very intricate plumbing.


Another common misconception is that a steel building can only look like a generic steel warehouse. There are actually many options to customize your building to your liking. FMP Construction has done jobs that have log siding wrapping the outside as well as stucco and EIFS. You also have the ability to “cover up” the steel with wood features (interior of exterior) to “jazz” up the look of your facility. FMP has put custom hand-peeled logs on buildings as well as solid wood glulam beams that really added to the look of the building and made them more unique, while keeping the long term reliability of the steel frame. If done correctly, you can completely mask the fact that you have a pre-engineered steel building with almost any conventional materials.


Pre-engineered steel buildings, since they come as a “kit” from the factory, the factory will warranty them from defects, meaning that your building will be covered if components are not suitable for install. This is something that you will not get with conventional construction, other than the usual “one year contractors warranty,” which can be difficult to deal with sometimes.

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