Benefits & Cost Savings

Benefits of Steel Buildings

There are many cost savings and benefits to pre-fabricated steel buildings for a commercial buyer or a home owner that simply wants a garage. The construction of a pre-fabricated steel building provides for greater protection from inclement weather; alternatives and lower cost for fire protection; easier implementation of building services and support; and the ease of making changes to the original steel building. Steel building can be insulated in the ceiling and walls to meet the buyer’s requirements. The expenses and costs of operating and maintaining a steel building are easier to plan and budget when compared to the conventional construction of a building.

The following provides some tips for the buyer to calculate the costs and benefits of buying, erecting and maintaining a steel building. This can be helpful in planning purposes to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) to own a steel building and obtain financing.


Pre-fabricated steel buildings are very strong and safe. Steel buildings are not combustible, they won’t burn, they won’t rust, and they are durable in bad environmental conditions. Pre-fabricated steel buildings give low cost alternatives to environmental conditions, fire exposures, and corrosion problems.

Long Usage Life

There are a number of advantages to Pre-fabricated steel buildings. They have a very long usage life and have more endurance than conventional buildings. Steel buildings have created an increased interest and construction volume because of their material strength and stability. The construction cost of a steel building is less than a conventional building as the techniques of construction and the resources required in erecting a steel building is totally more efficient from building a conventional building. After the steel building is completed, steel can easily be maintained so that the color and appearance can always be made regardless of a variable environment.

Weather Resistant

Steel buildings can be designed to withstand wind loads caused by hurricanes and earthquakes. The strength of steel allows it to meet the strongest wind and seismic rating in the national building codes. Pre-fabricated steel buildings are the most durable or stronger than any other building materials. Steel building manufacturer warranties typically cover the entire structure for 25 years.

Building Green

When you build a steel building you are building green. This is because steel is America’s most recycled product. Scrap metal is an essential ingredient to the producing of steel. Pre-fabricate steel buildings have a high thermal and energy efficiency which means larger savings for a longer period of time. A steel building is the greenest choice for your next construction project.

Insurance Savings

Save money with steel buildings. A pre-fabricated steel building can greatly reduce your insurance costs. The premiums are generally reduced because the risk of fire is reduced; withstands high winds; reduces impact from earth quakes; eliminates mold problems; termite infestation; and other problems that cause damage to regular construction materials.

Engineering and Technology

Pre-fabricated steel buildings are engineered and designed by computer technology. The steel for the building is pre-welded to exact specifications at the manufacturer. This enhances that the erection of your building during the assembly will fit as designed. Your steel building will be completed quicker with less construction and labor costs. The steel buildings are manufactured with high quality standards and controls to comply with engineering. The plans and design for a Pre-engineered steel building are certified by a licensed engineer.

Speed of Erection

Pre-fabricated steel buildings have many construction advantages over other construction materials. Steel buildings have the advantage of prefabrication at the manufacturer to increase the speed of erection including the expense of constructing the building. The erection of steel building is done by assembling together sections of the steel building that are already at the factory. A shorter erection time gives the buyer a quicker possession of the building.

Smaller Construction Site

At the erection site, the delivery of the steel requires very little space depending on the size of the building. The delivery schedule can be set to reduce the impact to other businesses or homes close to the construction site. Because steelwork comprises prefabricated elements, there is little disruption with adjoining neighbors. Cranes and fork-lifts are usually used in the erection of a steel building. Noise is kept at a minimum.

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