Sustainable Building Materials for Commercial Construction

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Sustainable building materials at a construction site

Undoubtedly, making the extra effort to find new materials that make your commercial project as sustainable as possible is cost-effective. You’ll save money on your utilities, building maintenance and repairs, and the value of your … Read More

5 Ways the Sustainability of Steel is Infinite

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Steel sustainability job site

Steel is the most sustainable building material available. Period. Steel comes from ore, which is a natural resource. Yet, it’s also one of the most abundantly available raw materials on earth, making up one-third of … Read More

11 Ways to Achieve Concrete Sustainability

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Concrete Sustainability Professionals

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials due to benefits like being readily available, economical, and versatile. Key takeaways: Concrete can be a sustainable, more environmentally friendly building material when applying the right … Read More

What You Need to Know About Curbs & Gutters

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Curb & gutter grate on street

Concrete curbs and gutters are like peas and carrots — together, they make a great pair. Key Takeaways: Did you know there are various types of curbs & gutters? There are also ones that go … Read More

Commercial Concrete Sealing: Full Guide

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Professional setting commercial concrete sealing

With the time and effort put into concrete structures, protecting them with sealant is a must. Key Takeaways: Concrete sealing is applied to the surface of commercial concrete. This liquid is expensive, but used to … Read More

What Is Involved in Sitework Construction?

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Sitework contruction professional assessing work

Preparation is important for everything you want to do right, especially in construction. A crucial part of the preparation for a construction project is sitework. Sitework lays the groundwork for a successful construction process and … Read More

Post Tension Concrete: How it Works + Pros and Cons

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Post tension concrete

Post-tension concrete may be a mythical method for some contractors. However, some projects can greatly benefit from this prestressing method. Additionally, concrete contractors should implement post-tensioning in a variety of situations. This article will cover … Read More

The Full Guide to Concrete Forming: 7 Questions Answered

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Concrete forming

Concrete is a durable, versatile, and liquid building material that is a viable choice for many construction projects. Without proper forming, however, concrete is useless for most construction projects. This article will cover what concrete … Read More

Do You Need Commercial Construction Management?

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Commercial Construction Management

Commercial construction can be a large-scale project with many moving parts and problems that need solving. It can be challenging for project owners to keep up with every aspect of the project while staying on … Read More

Structural Concretes + How it Works and Comparisons

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Construction worker preparing to pour structural concrete

Concrete is popular for many reasons (i.e., on roads, driveways, planters, sidewalks, and paving blocks). Yet, the process is much more elaborate when used in construction. Should concrete be your material of choice for your … Read More

How Thin-Shell Concrete Construction Work

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Shell concrete structure

Due to the nature of the building process, most concrete structures are a series of square or rectangular shapes stacked together. Shell construction allows builders to use concrete with a more artistic flair. Shell concrete … Read More

Concrete Forms and When to Remove Them

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Construction worker pouring concrete form

Concrete needs stability to cure properly, and proper curing will give it the strength it needs to withstand the pressures it will face. Engineers have designed a variety of forms as the solution to create … Read More

The Processes of Data Center Construction

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Data center against a sky backdrop

With the increase in data compiled and processed by businesses big and small, data centers have become a critical inclusion in many business plans. Some companies have turned to colocation, but its hidden costs can … Read More

How Precast and Custom Concrete Buildings Are Made

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Large precast concrete blocks laying next to each other on a job site

Take a look at any industrial, commercial, or even residential area, and you’ll see concrete everywhere. It’s one of the most popular building materials in the construction world because it’s high strength, low maintenance, and … Read More

Commercial Construction: Cement vs. Concrete

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Cement trowel laying on tile

Cement and concrete are two terms that people innocently use interchangeably in conversation. While they look, feel, and act similarly, cement and concrete are two very different building materials. Cement is actually an ingredient in … Read More

Commercial Construction: Concrete Walls

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Concrete building under construction

Concrete is one of the most in-demand construction materials on earth, with billions of pounds produced each year. The aggregate mix is so durable and reliable that it’s now a staple in commercial construction projects … Read More

Is Steel Stronger Than Concrete? Which Is Best?

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Steel building against blue sky backdrop

Steel and concrete go head to head as two of the most popular building materials for commercial structures. Whether you’re building a standalone shop, a 250,000 sq. ft. warehouse, or a neighborhood rec center, concrete … Read More

Concrete Piers vs Steel Piers

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I-beam installed into concrete ground

Piers and footings are among the most important parts of a building’s foundation. Drilled deep into the ground below the foundation, piers support the weight of the building for decades, withstanding normal use and often … Read More

Metal Building Insulation Guide For Commercial Projects

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Stack of insulation sheets

Surprisingly, the most essential part of a building’s structure isn’t visible to the naked eye. In wooden structures, it’s tucked behind a layer of drywall. In metal structures, it’s behind steel panels. We’re talking about … Read More

Tilt-Up Concrete Pros and Cons

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tilt up concrete

Tilt-up concrete is a simple commercial construction process, often used to erect large concrete warehouses. You’ve likely witnessed this construction process firsthand without realizing it. But if your company’s in the market for a new … Read More

How to Understand a Construction Schedule of Values

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Man wearing denim using a calculator placed on a desk next to a yellow tape measure

Commercial construction projects are multi-million dollar investments that, understandably, send mounds of paperwork to your company’s financial department. Bidding documents.  Blueprints and architectural drawings. Work orders and construction contracts. But to construction industry outsiders, one … Read More

FMP’s Commercial Construction Glossary

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Birds-eye shot of four contractors wearing hard hats looking at blueprints on a table

As your commercial construction project transitions from an empty dirt lot to a fully functional building, one thing will become quite clear: There’s a lot of confusing jargon! Those weekly chats with your project management … Read More

Custom vs. Standard Metal Structures

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Metal warehouse interior

Metal structures are far from a “new” construction trend. In fact, the first-ever metal building dates back to 1796, a last-ditch effort for a British cotton industry desperate to prevent mill fires. But today, major … Read More

What to Look for in Commercial Construction

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Do you know what to look for in commercial construction? What does quality construction look like? Where are the best places to find skilled contractors? If you want to know the answers, you’re in the … Read More

9 Things to Know About Metal Buildings

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Custom metal buildings are among the hottest trends in the construction industry, with revenue expected to increase a startling 33% from 2012 by 2022. But what is it about these steel-framed, industrial-looking buildings that’s captivating the attention … Read More