Tilt-Up Concrete Pros and Cons

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tilt up concrete

Tilt-up concrete is a simple commercial construction process, often used to erect large concrete warehouses. You’ve likely witnessed this construction process firsthand without realizing it. But if your company’s in the market for a new … Read More

How to Understand a Construction Schedule of Values

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Man wearing denim using a calculator placed on a desk next to a yellow tape measure

Commercial construction projects are multi-million dollar investments that, understandably, send mounds of paperwork to your company’s financial department. Bidding documents.  Blueprints and architectural drawings. Work orders and construction contracts. But to construction industry outsiders, one … Read More

FMP’s Commercial Construction Glossary

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Birds-eye shot of four contractors wearing hard hats looking at blueprints on a table

As your commercial construction project transitions from an empty dirt lot to a fully functional building, one thing will become quite clear: There’s a lot of confusing jargon! Those weekly chats with your project management … Read More

Custom vs. Standard Metal Structures

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Metal warehouse interior

Metal structures are far from a “new” construction trend. In fact, the first-ever metal building dates back to 1796, a last-ditch effort for a British cotton industry desperate to prevent mill fires. But today, major … Read More

What to Look for in Commercial Construction

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Do you know what to look for in commercial construction? What does quality construction look like? Where are the best places to find skilled contractors? If you want to know the answers, you’re in the … Read More

9 Things to Know About Metal Buildings

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Custom metal buildings are among the hottest trends in the construction industry, with revenue expected to increase a startling 33% from 2012 by 2022. But what is it about these steel-framed, industrial-looking buildings that’s captivating the attention … Read More